Brian Shields Plumbing, Inc.

​LIC# 976956

We are a service and repair plumbing company.

Drain Work:

We specialize in sewer and drain cleaning and repair.

We offer cabling and hydro jetting services for your sewer and drain cleaning needs.

We offer preventive maintenance for a wide variety of drains and property types.

We offer camera inspection/location of sewer lines for repair or real estate inspections.

We offer sewer and drain repair/replacement with the proper method for your situation.

Those methods include:  Pipe lining, Pulled in place trenchless repair or the best way, good old fashioned digging up the line.

Plumbing Repair:

We fix leaks in water and gas lines.

We replace water heaters with tank or tankless units.

We repair and replace toilets.

We replace faucets.

We install garbage disposals.

We can replace the water and gas service lines to your house, from the city meters.

​And many other services.